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Bondi Rescue

The lifeguards

Bondi Rescue is an Australian television program. It follows the daily life and routine of the professional Waverley Council lifeguards who patrol Bondi Beach.

Bondi lifeguards perform about five thousand rescues during the summer. They also deal with other incidents such as lost children, shark scares, bluebottle stings, injuries, sexual deviants, drunken beachgoers and thieves on the beach. From time to time, celebrities also show up on their beaches. These include actors/comedians David Hasselhoff and Kelly Slater (stars of the fictional U.S. lifeguard show Baywatch), Hugh Grant, Zac Efron, Rowan Atkinson, Paris Hilton and even Russell Crowe.

Footage for the show is shot during the preceding Australian summer (usually between November and February), with some episodes reflecting incidents that occurred during Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Australia Day. Occasionally, notable incidents are also shown at nearby Tamarama and Bronte beaches, for which the lifeguards are also responsible.

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