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China Business & Trends

"Made in China" - what used to be predominantly negative is increasingly turning positive. In many areas, China is seen as a major contributor to the digital future and can set itself apart from the European market as an innovation driver. 

Which digital developments and trends are responsible for this turnaround and how do they affect digitization in Europe?

Alexandra Stefanov, founder of China Impulse, clarifies the changes in the Chinese market in a compact talk with SPORT1 COO Matthias Reichert and goes into more detail about the challenges in intercultural interaction. 


Take a look, share it with your colleagues and get in touch with feedback! The interview is also available as a podcast here:

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00:00 - 00:46: Welcome

00:47 - 02:27: Alexandra, you know the Chinese market very well and always have an eye on the development trends. What do we need to keep an eye on at the moment - especially in terms of intercultural interaction?

02:28 - 03:34: How much does China's digital world have in common with Germany's?

03:35 - 04:25: If we look at it from the customer's point of view: How important is the European market to the Chinese one?

04:26 - 05:40: Matthias, what experience have you had with Chinese customers so far?

05:41 - 06:36: Alexandra, what challenges do you perceive in intercultural interaction?

06:37 - 07:27: Matthias, would you say there is a great openness to approach each other in this interaction?

07:28 - 09:01: What can Germany use positively for itself in the exchange with China - perhaps even learn from it?

09:02 - 09:47: In conclusion, what would you consider to be very important in order for the exchange to work even better and for reservations to be eliminated?

09:48 - 10:00: Goodbye

The video is only available in German

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