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SPORT1 makes it possible: Your topic - cross-media on Germany's #1 sports platform!
Together with you, we design your individual soccer world.

Your topic as the content hook of a cross-media production enables a native activation of your brand. 


The central building block is your own content hub with all the information, videos, articles, your own web show, etc. about your topic.

Played cross-medially (among other things through various display & video components), this enables the native linking of your brand with the Bundesliga coverage.

The push message for the respective news guarantees an individual target group address with recognition value.

The TV section in Doppelpass and special forms of advertising complete the unique presence.


#Winwin - through the native integration of your brand, we ensure the sustainable and credible staging of your advertising message and the greatest possible impact.

The perfect interplay between advertising and content.

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