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The Fitbit Performance Check and Index

Fitbit measures and rates the performance of professional soccer players from the Bundesliga on SPORT1


Own product seal in Doppelpass.

Fitbit established the "performance check" in Doppelpass: a player of the Bundesliga match day is particularly scrutinized and his performance data (e.g. kilometers run, shots on goal, kilometers walked, etc.).

Online extension:

A dedicated microsite summarizes the performance data of Bundesliga players.

Feeling the excitement measurable in the Fantalk:

In the Fantalk, data analysis focuses on fans who are cheering along: During a match broadcast, a spectator from the audience and an expert from the talk show are fitted with a fitness tracker that measures their pulse throughout the entire match.



Active integration in editorial environments with special advertising formats: TV sections in Doppelpass, product placements in Fantalk and a dedicated microsite as the digital heart of the campaign - supplemented by live readers on and Facebook posts to further increase awareness.



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