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König Fussball

The soccer prediction podcast

“A mine of information for any bettors looking for insider tips!”

SPORT1 presenter Hartwig Thöne is one of the best in his field. He thinks quickly, speaks quickly and is known for his perpetual good mood. But now he’s facing his toughest challenge yet: trying to get tight-lipped Irishman Colin Clegg to reveal his secrets in time for a bet on the Champions League[B1] . Because Colin knows everything there is to know about sports! At least everything that can be expressed in numbers. He can remember results, statistics und odds down to three decimal places – which makes him a mine of information for any bettors looking for insider tips.

And those who don’t want to bet still get their money’s worth, as Mr. Sunshine Hartwig and dry mastermind Colin complement each other in the latest SPORT1 podcast to make a congenial duo, guaranteeing not just expert knowledge but also charming off-the-cuff humor.

Short Facts

  • Before every Champions League matchday
  • 30-50 minutes
  • Downloads per episode: ∅ ca. 8.000
  • Subscribers: 197.316 (allover)

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