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The volleyball podcast

“A delight for all sports fans who believe there’s life beyond soccer!”

Vivacious outside hitter Kathi and strategic setter Daniel live volleyball. And they love their sport. That’s evident not just to their listeners but also to the big-name athletes they welcome to their new volleyball podcast. 

In an enthusiastic but laid-back atmosphere, the guests find it easy to open up. Why else, for instance, would Kira Walkenhorst talk so openly about her life after her volleyball career, or trainer of world champions Vital Heynen explain why he has never sat on his own couch? 

With its closeness to the sport and the athletes, Volleytalk creates a relaxed look behind the scenes – and regularly updates you on all the news and background from the Volleyball Bundesliga and the national teams. A must for volleyball nerds – and a delight for all sports fans who believe there’s life beyond soccer. 

Short Facts

  • Thursday, parallel with play
  • 60 minutes
  • Downloads per episode: ∅ ca. 2.000   
  • Subscribers: 62.567 (allover)   

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