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The 3rd League podcast

“The most down-to-earth soccer in the professional game!”

If podcasts had a smell, this one would smell of bratwurst; of freshly mown grass, wooden benches and muscle rub; it would have a Thermos of coffee and a season ticket. Every Tuesday, seasoned presenters Markus Höhner, Thomas Wagner and Tobi Schäfer meet in cult pub “Gottes grüne Wiese” in Cologne to talk about the most down-to-earth soccer in the professional game: Germany’s 3rd League. 

They talk first-hand about their experiences of Germany’s longest-established and much-loved stadiums: the Betzenberg in Kaiserslautern, the Grünwalder in Munich, the Eintracht-Stadion in Brunswick or the Ostseestadion in Rostock. They speak with players, trainers and managers about the stories – big and small – that their sport writes where it is still allowed to be itself. No-nonsense soccer that’s big on tradition. 

And when they’re not sure of something, they simply ask Yannik, the walking soccer almanac. Every weekend for years, installed in the OB truck, the ‘voice in the ear’ has been feeding background information, stats and weird and wonderful facts to his colleagues in the stadiums. Now in Audiobeweis he takes the mic himself. So listen in, subscribe and fall under the spell of the no-frills 3rd League! 

Short Facts

  • Every tuesday
  • 30-60 minutes
  • Downloads per episode ∅ ca. 3.500
  • Subscribers: 122.766 (allover)

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