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SPORT1 offers advertising partners added value through a broad spectrum of exciting advertising possibilities and targeted integration across all platforms. In combination with emotive and high-quality content, we bring creative concepts to life for our clients with new, innovative methods, tailored to their needs and with activation measures for maximum advertising impact. Plus, we provide clients with customized communication solutions and countless advertising options within the SPORT1 world.


TV advertising has a direct impact at the moment of broadcast. Television is the leading entertainment medium and enables easy transport of emotions, fast reach build-up and reaches a high number of users. Especially in sports, linear TV plays a decisive role with the viewer.

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SPORT1 offers classic and innovative TV advertising formats


With the attractive SPORT1 HBB-TV offer, advertisers can realize innovative, interactive and personalized advertising formats and again significantly increase the efficiency of their advertising. The Addressable TV technology from smartclip ensures targeted control of advertising.

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Merger of TV & Digital


The interaction of our numerous, digital advertising options on, the apps and social media channels guarantees advertisers an effective brand presence in the sports environment. Benefit from our leading sports platform and hit your target group exactly!

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SPORT1 has almost 7 million social media fans and impresses with its high interactivity with high attention and excellent accessibility of special target groups. Our sports platform offers versatile partner integrations on various social media platforms.

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Up close and personal at all times - with the social media channels of SPORT1


Through the many attractive podcasts from SPORT1, you can also draw attention to yourself through audio advertising. In doing so, you benefit from a growing market, which is mainly due to the increasing popularity of podcasts, which play an ever greater role in the everyday lives of many people.

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In SPORT1-Teletext you will find daily updated and relevant sports content in pixel optics. This medium enjoys great popularity due to its ease of use and keeps TV viewers up to date at all times.

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Up to date around the clock


Events make it possible to showcase your brand or product live and create a positive product experience. In the context of sports, the brand is better perceived and the target group is immediately activated.

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Unlimited number of ways to position brands and advertising messages

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